April 12, 2024

Write For Us

Any kind of individual can submit stories of their real estate business, news and trends stories to us as long as they are instead well-produced, as well as abide by our requirements– which you’ll discover in the next location. As we have in fact already claimed, blogging isn’t for every single person, so it’s not a demand that you do have your extremely own blog site– if you do, that’s great, we’ll link back to you from here.


  • Genuine– we can decline any type of item of development that has really been launched anywhere else online. Google doesn’t like it as well as also we take notes when they chat.
  • We’d like your stories to be a minimum of 600 words please unless it’s a photo essay.
  • We require 2 pictures (minimum) and additionally they require to be at least 1024px broad. Picture style shots require to be 800px big.
  • You can similarly send out videos or embed codes for videos you’ve submitted to Youtube.
  • If you would certainly love to submit a photoblog/ photo essay afterward we require a minimum of 300 words and also at the very least 10 photographs.
  • When possible, please style your writing in HTML– it makes it quicker for us to publish on this website.
  • Please additionally send out an account picture by yourself as well as a brief Biography including web links to your social accounts and additionally blog.


If you have an idea or even a tale that’s ready to go– contact us and also we’ll get the round rolling. Email Us: [email protected]