Learning more about homeless in Lethbridge
Root Causes

In Lethbridge, the reasons that families and individuals experience homelessness are as diverse as the people themselves. Each person’s reason for living in a shelter or on the street is their own personal story.

Homelessness is a very complex issue that affects the community from an economic and a social perspective. While the factors that lead someone into homelessness are anything but simple, some of the major root causes of homelessness in Lethbridge include at least one of the following:

  • the rising costs of housing
  • poverty and the lack of affordable housing: current levels of housing costs, coupled with low-wage jobs can result in even the working poor being forced  out of their homes 
  • divorce, domestic violence and lack of family support
  • broken relationships
  • chronic health problems or physical disabilities
  • sudden job loss due to injury or illness
  • mental illness*
  • drug, alcohol and gambling addictions
  • natural disasters
  • trauma (situational and/or intergenerational), abuse and/or neglect

Keep in mind, that many people’s experience often includes more than one root cause, and in many cases, several.