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Housing First Teams

Centralized Intake means that anyone experiencing difficulty with housing are able to go to one place or one agency and receive support, direction, and referrals for assistance. Their primary role is to determine first whether an individual is appropriate for a Housing First housing team. If so, then Centralized Intake will conduct further information gathering to be better equipped to triage and refer these people to the housing team best suited to their needs. If an individual is not appropriate for Housing First, the Central Intake programs will then provide referrals and guidance to the most appropriate supports in the community for them. At times they may play a less formal role in basic Case Management to assist those that are not Housing First appropriate yet require some level of navigation assistance.


If you are experiencing homelessness or have an eviction notice, please contact HomeBASE Centralized Intake and Referral.

312 Stafford Drive South, Lethbridge, AB
M-F 8:00am - 4:00pm