About BLH
About Bringing Lethbridge Home

Moving Forward, Creating Opportunities: Bringing Lethbridge Home is a strategic plan to end homelessness in Lethbridge.  Homelessness is one of the most critical issues facing our community, so this might appear to be bold, even unrealisitic plan , but it is POSSIBLE. We believe that offering the providing "appropriate housing" and providing "wrap around supports", we can literally bring homes to the hundreds of individuals and families whose circumstances have forced them to live without adequate, safe and affordable housing in Lethbridge. As we continue to build partnerships, creative initiatives through innovative strategies and providing enhanced, coordinated and client-centred services for people who are homeless or near homeless, homelessness can become a thing of the past.

Our Vision: Bringing Lethbridge Home … Permanent Housing for all people living in Lethbridge

Our Mission: To ensure permanent housing for all people living in Lethbridge by creating and implementing an innovative and comprehensive plan aligned with the provincial plans to end homelessness

Our Core Beliefs: We believe that Lethbridge will end homelessness through a welcoming and inclusive Housing First approach that is evidence based and focuses on resiliency, strengths, self-reliance and integrates the:

  • Prevention of homelessness.
  • Rapid Re-housing of people who find themselves in a homeless and at risk situation.
  • The availability of integrated housing and support systems that are client-centred.

Our Values and Guiding Principles: We believe…

  • Any response to ending homelessness is based on Housing First; giving people who are homeless the safety, security and dignity of their own home before all else.
  • All people have the right to be housed. Permanent housing is accessible, safe and affordable.
  • A community is strengthened economically and the health and social well being of people improves through equal access to safe and affordable housing.
  • Innovation is required for access to safe and affordable housing.
  • Support services are integral for the successful housing of all people.
  • The creation of opportunities for self reliance, social integration and community participation, including activities such as employment supports people to successfully sustain their housing.
  • The leadership and support of all orders of government is essential to ensure all people are able to access housing opportunities and end homelessness.
  • Continuous learning and the development and implementation of best practices is critical.
  • Community involvement and volunteerism is required to achieve our goals.
  • Cooperation and collaborative partnerships best serves the community.